Amazing background

I studied with Michael Shea because of his amazing background and his ability to clearly and fully relate the information, the depth of knowledge and his generosity of heart. Look him up and experience his level 1 before you make a decision to work with any other teacher. I came to believe he was the best teacher out there and I still believe that 10 or more years later.

Judith Lee Cohen RN, BCST, PBT

Thank you.

Michael’s heartful, humorous and humble approach to teaching is so appreciated. He has a gift at bringing difficult to understand concepts and big ideas into clear form. Thank you.

Waller Thompson, Ed.D.

Life changing experience

I found Michael Shea to be the quintessential teacher. If you want to know anything (or EVERYTHING!) about cranial work, do not hesitate to take his course. He has the gift of being able to convey hard data one moment, and in the next, relate to a practitioner’s or client’s  somatic experience. The info he imparted only made my work with the infants in the Neonatal Unit at Scottsdale Healthcare better.He teaches with a warmth and brilliance you will enjoy.

Amy Zak-Urban, LMT, CIMI, BCST

The spaciousness he brings to the experience

The best aspects of Michael's teaching are the spaciousness he brings to the experience, and the safety in the classroom, in the group, and in practice time on the tables.  His style incorporates humor, and his presence is warm and accepting.  

- Sally Stuckey RN, LMBT (Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist)

Michael’s teaching style is perfect

Michael’s teaching provides such a smooth transition and flow between the experiential and cognitive aspects, not only of the material, but each day of the training. Michael’s teaching style is perfect for how I best absorb and integrate learning experiences.

Karen Madison, Certified Massage Therapist

The rhythm of each day and the whole class is brilliant

The rhythm of each day and the whole class is brilliant. The invitations to stillness via different windows and even through the expression of movement is delightful. The vessel that Michael Shea creates in his training is safe and full of love and laughter. 

Monica Flamenco, Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher and Craniosacral Therapist

New Book

Look inside

Myofascial Release Therapy

"Michael's new book on Myofascial Therapy is a summary of all his writings
on the fascia of the human body and it's manipulation. This book has over
70 photos of instructional techniques broken down by areas of the body. In
addition, Robert Schleip, an international authority on the fascia of the
body has contributed a chapter. This book is available through Amazon and
other book sellers."

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